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Discover what it takes for your health-focused organization to be its most effective on social media. In this comprehensive, on-demand learning course you will learn channel basics, developing creative content and more!

DEC 23, 2019

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Social media is here to stay.

The stats are clear. People spend their time on social platforms, with billions of active users every day. The real question is: How do you make sure your content breaks through the clutter and drives them to your channels?



Does your social media engagement help you achieve organizational goals?

When you follow the steps to creating engaging, value-driven content on a consistent basis, you will see increased engagement that leads to conversions. We'll teach you how.


Here are the skills you'll develop taking this virtual, on-demand course.

Social media bootcamp

Here's what's Inside:

Meet Your Instructor
Sarah Staub

Lead Creative Designer / Marketing Expert / Social Media Growth Strategist / Course Creator

My life's focus is on helping organizations create strategic growth through the use of influential branding coupled with simple, user-friendly marketing methods and media tools that transform their online presence and client engagement. #strategy #design #marketing #social

I'm looking forward to seeing you in the course!

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