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Become a Partner- We'll Help You Make an Impact!


When you become a partner, your work, message, and brand will reach the rural-focused audience you want with remarkable results!



The Rural Impact podcast offers several opportunities for each episode, including host-read ads or prerecorded spots. Need help with a script or support in the production of prerecorded spots? The Rural Impact has a creative team to help you make the most of your advertising efforts! 

  • Choose Sponsorship Package (One Series or Three Series)
  • Choose Host-Read OR Pre-Recorded Spots
  • Choose Your Spot Slot (Pre-roll, Mid-roll, Post-roll)

Download the rate sheet for more details, pricing and contact information.

Download Partner Kit

#1. Choose Partnership Package

  1. One Series: (3) Episodes
  2. Three Series: (9) Epsidodes

#2. Choose Type of Spot

  1. Host-Read
  2. Pre-Recorded

#3. Choose Spot Placement

  1. Pre-roll: Placed at the start of the episode
  2. Mid-roll: Placed halfway through the episode
  3. Post-roll: Placed at the end of the episode and before the closing music and credits


If your organization is looking to expand its rural reach, The Rural Impact Podcast offers you several opportunities to do just that. Provide us with a few pieces of information about your work and focus and a rate sheet and media kit will be provided immediately.

Download Partner Kit

Special Partner Opportunity Share your Impact!

What is the impact of your work on behalf of rural communities? Become a partner and Michelle will interview you for a special 20-minute promoted Rural Impact! episode!

Liven up your event!  Invite The Rural Impact to record a special episode at your rural focused conference?  Let’s talk!

To learn more about these special partner opportunities, contact us.

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