The Rural Reason to Focus on Workforce Policy with Manny Lamarre, Mary Wurtz and Andrew Campbell

> Discover apprenticeships across industries, how programs are started by employers, and how to become an apprentice.

> Public Sector Apprenticeship Toolkit  

Coming to Terms with Housing and Homelessness in Rural Places with Jonathan Harwitz and Amanda Reddy

> For Housing Assistance Council - Jonathan Harwitz:

> For National Center for Healthy Housing - Amanda Reddy:

> Whole-Home Repair Act of 2024 - S. 3871:


How Rural Hospitals Can Use AI: Addressing AR Challenges & Workforce Shortages with Kelly Arduino

> Download the 2024 State of Rural Healthcare Report here:


At the Intersections of Federal, State and Local Policies: How Thriving Happens from Agency to Community with Tony Pipa



Arriving at Thriving with Senator Bill Soules, PhD

> Available on Amazon: The Sausage Factory: How Lawmakers Can Ensure We Survive and Thrive


Arriving at Thriving - The Role of Local and State Government in Removing Barriers to Vital Services with Dr. Katherine Ortega Courtney and Dominic Cappello

> Anna, Age Eight Institute

> Chapin Hall Research Brief PDF - "Assessing the Magnitude of the Adverse Social Determinants of Health in the 100% New Mexico Initiative"

> Available on Amazon: 100% Community: Ensuring 10 Vital Services for Surviving and Thriving

> Available on Amazon: Anna, Age Eight

Extra Episode | Rural Health on Life Support - HRSA's Rural Communities Opioid Response Program with Megan Meacham & Sarah O'Donnell

> Opioid Response | HRSA

> RCORP-TA Resource Portal

> National Maternal Mental Health Hotline | MCHB

> Find a Health Center

> RHI Hub

Series 3 | Episode 1: Do the Math - Calculating the Future of Rural Education with Dr. Allen Pratt

> NREAC 2023 Legislative Agenda

> 2022-2027 National Rural Research Agenda

Series 1 | Episode 3: Rural Health on Life Support - Medicaid Unwinding with Joan Alker

> Medicaid Coverage Maps

Series 1 | Episode 2: Rural Health On Life Support with Julia Interrante, PhD, MPH

> Learn More About Dr. Interrante's Work