Podcast Premiere

Michelle Rathman, a rural health, community, and communications expert, is excited to announce a new project called "The Rural Impact – A Podcast Connecting the Dots between Policy and Rural Everything!" The Rural Impact aims to address critical issues affecting rural communities, such as food insecurity, housing, transportation, healthcare, climate change, broadband, and economic opportunities, by exploring the intersection of policy and rural life for over 60 million people across the U.S. Michelle will have candid conversations with lawmakers, educators, influencers, community leaders, authors, and storytellers, and from time to time, you'll join her on the road where policy meets reality. The Rural Impact format will bring you targeted and timely special series, each comprised of three episodes covering a different aspect of a broader issue. The first series, "Rural Health on Life Support," will focus on a wide range of policy matters impacting health outcomes, including hospital closures, EMS and OB deserts, and so much more. Listeners can stay updated by following the podcast on social media or visiting TheRuralImpact.com website. Michelle is excited to have everyone join her for the first episode of The Rural Impact.