Food for Thought - Facing the Facts About Food Insecurity

Season #2

In the second episode in our second series "Food for Thought-Facing the Facts About Food Insecurity,” Michelle talks with Alana Rhone, Agricultural Economist and Matthew Rabbitt, Economist with the Food Assistance Branch in the Food Economic Division at the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Alana’s research focuses on food access in the U.S., and Matthew’s research primarily focuses on food security measurement and methodology, behavioral responses to food insecurity, and U.S. social safety net program participation.

During this conversation, Alana shares that USDA ERS has a range of research and data resources such as the Food Access Research Atlas and the Food Environment Atlas which can help identify and inform possible solutions that work best to increase and improve healthy food access.

Matthew shares that USDA ERS monitors food insecurity annually, and produces an Annual Food Security Report, which takes a deep dive into the prevalence and severity of food insecurity trends. Other areas covered are ways communities and leaders can use the Food Access Research Atlas, resources for people interested in collecting food security data, and how the research of the USDA ERS can inform and enhance decision making in terms of food security.