Food for Thought - Facing the Facts About Food Insecurity

Season #2

In this third episode of our series "Food for Thought-Facing the Facts About Food Insecurity," Michelle talks with Erica Blair, Extension Specialist with Kansas State Research and Extension and a Program Manager for both the Rural Grocery Initiative (RGI) and Kansas Healthy Food Initiative. Erica provides technical assistance on grocery-related topics and coordinates RGI's educational programming and the Grocery Business Transition Mentorship Program, which develops numerous educational resources.

During this conversation, Erica shares RGI's research tracking grocery store closures and their impact on the communities they serve. She also highlights programs and resources that help rural communities retain, attract, or open grocery stores, some in remarkably innovative settings. Additionally, Erica details unique ways rural grocery stores engage communities through special events, create spaces for community members to convene, and create innovative partnerships that allow rural communities to have consistent healthy food options in their hometowns.