Do the Math - Calculating the Future of Rural Education with Dr. Allen Pratt

Season #3

In this first episode of our series "Do the Math-Calculating the Future of Rural Education," Michelle talks with Dr. Allen Pratt, Executive Director of the National Rural Education Association (NREA). Dr. Pratt's work focuses on providing a unified voice for rural schools and communities. He has served as a high school science teacher and coach, a high school principal, assistant superintendent/curriculum director, executive director of the Tennessee Rural Education Association, executive director of the East Tennessee Center of Regional Excellence for the Tennessee Department of Education, and rural outreach liaison for Lincoln Memorial University.

During this conversation, Dr. Pratt highlights topics in the NREAC's (the legislative arm of NREA) legislative agenda, the importance of advocating at a local and state level, and some key research in the 2022 through 2027 Rural Research Agenda. Dr. Pratt also shares insightful student perspectives on equity and teacher shortage, how The Teacher Registered Apprentice Program provides career pathways and addresses educational workforce shortages, the necessity to address mental health and substance use at the community level, and how early childhood education impacts students through their lifespan.