Arriving at Thriving with Senator Bill Soules, PhD

Season #4

In the second episode in our fourth series "Arriving at Thriving,” Michelle talks with Dr. Bill Soules, member of the New Mexico State Senate and Chair of the Senate Education Committee. Soules earned his BA and MA in psychology and his interdisciplinary Ph.D. from New Mexico State University with a degree that spans education and psychology. Senator Soules is a champion for the data-driven and cross-sector prevention of adverse childhood experiences and adverse social determinants of health to ensure all children, students, and families have access to the vital services for surviving and thriving.

During this conversation, Dr. Soules shares insights from his book The Sausage Factory: How Lawmakers Can Ensure We Survive and Thrive including how to navigate the whole system that is the legislature, the impact of socially-engaged elected officials, as well as the voice of each person in a community.

Other areas covered include what elected officials can do to put children first, as well as explaining the importance of making personal connections with legislators, timing of communicating and influencing legislation, and the power that stories and advocacy have on those who are making decisions for your local, state, and even federal government.