At the Intersections of Federal, State and Local Policies with Tony Pipa

Season #4

In the third episode in our fourth series "Arriving at Thriving,” Michelle talks with Tony Pipa, Senior Fellow in the Center for Sustainable Development at the Brookings Institution. Tony has three decades of executive leadership experience in the philanthropic and public sectors addressing poverty and advancing inclusive economic development in the U.S. and globally. He launched and leads the Reimagining Rural Policy initiative, which seeks to modernize and transform U.S. rural policy, and hosts the Reimagine Rural podcast, collecting the stories of rural towns across America that are experiencing positive change.

During this conversation, Tony and Michelle discuss growing interest and recognition that rural communities are a place that need investment, the vital role that rural communities can play within the larger context of our national economy, and legislation needed that would make capacity building money available for rural places.

Tony shares the importance of relationship and trust building in rural areas, the diversity in rural, as well as highlights from his podcast where he travels to rural locations including his hometown. He also shed light on the innovation, human capital, talent, and assets coming from rural places, and the necessity of investment, sustainability, and regeneration in these communities.

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