Rural Counties and Building Capacity for Resiliency with Hon. Greg Puckett

Season #4

In this extra episode in our series "Arriving at Thriving,” Michelle talks with Mercer County West Virgina Commissioner, Hon. Greg Puckett. Greg is continually focused on establishing evidence-based strategies and promising approaches to finding solutions on local, regional, state and national levels. A staunch advocate for community-based change, focusing on efforts predominantly in rural areas across America, Greg serves on the board and various committees within the National Association of Counties (NACo), currently serving as Vice Chair of the Rural Action Caucus (RAC).  

During this conversation, Michelle and Greg discuss critical issues impacting rural communities across the US, and how NACo provides essential support, tools, and resources to help counties address these problems, and the importance of relationship building and advocacy at a county, state, and federal level. They also discuss legislation impacting rural like the Farm Bill, and the programs that are included in this particular package of legislation that are necessary for rural communities to thrive.    

Greg shares his experience as a county official, advice for those considering running for a seat in their own county, key components of building healthy communities, and the impact actions today have on future rural generations. Other topics covered in this discussion include programs, grants, resources, and legislation that help rural communities address mental health, substance use, homelessness, access to health care, and childcare.  Finally, Greg shares his insights about how rural residents can turn their curiosity into advocacy.