Rural Impact on Location in D.C. Health Policy & Legislative Priorities Part 1

Season #4

In Part One of our very first "Rural Impact on Location” episode, host Michelle Rathman, traveled to Washington D.C. on a mission to get closer to connecting dots on matters of current health policy and legislative priorities focused on rural health.  

During her time at the National Rural Health Association Policy Institute and the National Association of Community Health Centers Policies & Issues Conference, Michelle spoke with several thought leaders and experts from many states. Each conversation focused on a different aspect of rural health, covering issues from Medicaid expansion to critical funding for Community Health Centers, from rural America’s maternal healthcare crisis to advancements in caring for rural veterans; each conversation is wide-ranging and is punctuated with information aimed at helping listeners build up their 2024 advocacy toolkit.  

Joining Michelle at the Rural Impact on the road table, was Maggie Sauer, Director of the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services Office of Rural Health about State Offices of Rural Health as well as the impact of Medicaid expansion.   

Michelle meets Executive Director of the Illinois Critical Access Hospital Network, Pat Schou, RN, BSN, MS, FACHE, and they discuss the need for resources for maternal health from prenatal care to postpartum care.   

Chief Executive Officer of the Colorado Rural Health Center, and President-Elect of the National Rural Health Association Board of Trustees, Michelle Mills discussed aging in place and care options for rural America.  

Nebraska Rural Health Association’s Executive Director Jed Hansen, PhD, APRN, FNP-C explore logistical challenges in rural Veterans’ health and care, as well as federal investments for improving access and pilot programs to help overcome other long-standing challenges in VA care.  

Finally, Michelle discusses workforce policy and priorities with Gerrard Jolly, MA, CDP, the Director of Career Advancement & JEDI Strategies at the National Association of Community Health Centers, where one of every 11 patients in the U.S. receive their primary care.  

The first part of this two-part on location episode ends with Michelle describing the next round of conversations she had in D.C., including an exclusive one-on-one conversation with HRSA Administrator, Carole Johnson. 

Tune in for part two next!